The BEST Good News of All! – A New Gospel Curriculum for Children

The BEST Good News of All! – A New Gospel Curriculum for Children

What is the gospel? Why is the gospel the “best good news” of all! How are we called to respond to the gospel? These, by far, are the most crucial questions we need to answer for our children. Their everlasting joy or everlasting misery is at stake. Therefore, we must approach these questions with an utter sense of urgency and seriousness. Our answers must be thoroughly grounded in the truths of Scripture – noting key doctrines that are absolutely essential for understanding the essence, means, and goal of the gospel – conveyed in a manner that is understandable to children. 

Toward that end, we are excited to announce a new curriculum: The Best Good News of All – A Study for Children on the Gospel. Here are some key features of this new study:

  • 13 lessons that that progressively reveal a succinct yet comprehensive summary of the gospel, emphasizing 10 essential doctrinal truths 
  • Multi-age in its scope – easy to use in a multi-age classroom for children in kindergarten through sixth grade. Includes tips, illustrations, and lesson format to address various ages
  • Designed to reach the hearts of children in order to make them “wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus” (2 Timothy 3:15)
  • Full color visuals including review posters summarizing the 10 essential truths of the gospel 
  • Simplified Activity and Parent Take Home Pages
  • Optional booklet: The Greatest Treasure can be given to students as a memorable review and keepsake at the end of the study

You can find out more about The Best Good News of All! here.

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