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When we first began this blog, we envisioned it as an interactive tool in which to encourage one another in our respective churches and homes.  To that end, we earnestly desire for you to send us your stories so that others may benefit and learn from your experiences, resulting in thanksgiving and praise to our great Savior, who is at work in the midst of His people. Here is one such story from Glenn Warner, Pastor for Family Ministry at Bull Street Baptist Church, in Savannah, Georgia:
Bull Street adopted the Children Desiring God (CDG) curriculum a year or two before I arrived and we are already seeing the effect of a God-centered approach to our Sunday school curriculum in the lives of our children, parents, and teachers! Several of our long-time faithful Sunday school teachers cannot get over the renewed sense of the Awe of God that this material has helped to restore in their teaching, as well as their personal lives. Of course, this is because the CDG curriculum does such a good job of placing all of the emphasis and glory on our wonderful, magnificent Father and His mighty Savior King Jesus! I’ll just relate to you one story (out of many that I could tell). My 2nd-3rd- grade Sunday school teacher is a man named Jon. He has been teaching faithfully in our children’s Sunday school classes for 30 years! He really liked the curriculum that we were using before our church made the switch to CDG. When I arrived to candidate for my current position he actually asked me specifically about children’s Sunday school curriculum during a congregational Q&A! I suppose that you could describe him as “open but cautious” about using CDG. Well, he is teaching a class of about seven to nine 2nd- and 3rd- grade (mostly) boys! As he was teaching through the material he realized that he was having theological conversation with these young boys about salvation, justification, and sanctification in ways that he has never been able to do in all of his years of teaching Sunday school! These little boys were totally conversant, not necessarily with the terms, but definitely with the theological understanding of who Jesus was, why he had to die, why God was merciful and just in punishing our sin on the cross in Christ, why Jesus is the only way to the Father, and how we grow in our Christian maturity by grace through faith! Can you imagine what God will do with these boys as they continue to learn about the greatness of our God and what He has accomplished in our salvation through Jesus!! One of my own sons is in this class with one promoting up next year as well. I am so thankful for such a testimony to God’s grace. It is blessing our church and my own family personally. Glory to God!

Do you have a story to tell? Please send it to us so that we can consider sharing it on a future blog post.

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