Teaching Children to Enjoy God’s Gift of Rest and Leisure

Teaching Children to Enjoy God's Gift of Rest and Leisure Summer is almost here. What’s in store for your family? I get tired just thinking about the daily schedules of some families. Sometimes it seems as if every moment, from morning to night, is planned out—filled with activities. Please don’t misunderstand: I believe in order and structure in the family routine. Our children should be involved in many kinds of productive activities and events. We don’t want our children to be lazy or given over to simply “wasting” time through shallow, mind-dulling activities. But, on the other hand, we don’t want them to miss out on God’s gift of rest and leisure. Here is a free lesson titled “Rest and Leisure” from our curriculum, “Your Word Is Truth: A Study for Youth on Seeing All of Life Through the Truth of Scripture.” Although written with youth in mind, it uses biblical texts and application suitable for younger children as well. Here are the main ideas presented in the lesson:
  • God has given us the gifts of sleep, rest, and leisure for the benefit of our bodies and souls.
  • Sleep demonstrates our dependence on God, and should encourage us to humbly submit ourselves to His good and sustaining rule.
  • Rest and leisure are a means through which we are to enjoy the many benefits that God has provided so that we might deepen our thankfulness to Him.
  • True, lasting rest and enjoyment can only be found in Jesus.
Teaching Children to Enjoy God's Gift of Rest and Leisure    
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