Summer Outreach for Your Church or Neighborhood

Summer Outreach for Your Church or Neighborhood

Whether you're considering a small-scale or large-scale outreach this summer, start with a God-centered, gospel-grounded curriculum.

Truth78's curriculum is ideal for large, church-based Vacation Bible School and smaller Backyard Bible Clubs in your home or neighborhood. Both approaches yield big benefits for leaders and participants.

Vacation Bible School

The VBS format offers a wide-reaching, one-location approach hosted in your church facilities. Truth78's curriculum inspires teaching that instructs the mind, engages the heart, and influences the will.

"I chose Truth78 curriculum because it’s Bible-rich and God-centered, provides a clear and thoughtful gospel presentation, and includes lessons that are engaging but rightfully weighty—not focused on feel good fluff. The curriculum integrates well with what we teach during the week, can be scaled up or down for our age range, and includes well-designed daily lessons with many options for add-on games, activities, and more." —Amy, Clifton Baptist Church, KY

Backyard Bible Club

The ​BYBC format offers a simple, low-cost, neighborhood-based, highly-relational approach that provides the opportunity for ongoing interaction with parents and children.

"We thought having the club in our own backyard gave it a more personal approach and atmosphere. It gave opportunities for our neighbors to hear gospel truths while walking by our house. The outdoor setting can also be helpful for people who are not accustomed to, or comfortable going to, a church." —Keith and Lonna, Eagan, MN

Format Comparisons

Vacation Bible School Backyard Bible Club
Wide reach Focused connection
Centralized Potential to be spread out in communities 
Based in church setting Neighborhood-based

Church facilities for staging, music, and more

Flexibility for simpler and low-cost production


Anchor your summer outreach in God-centered, gospel-grounded curriculum

What comes with each curriculum

Each curriculum contains five lessons, complete with colorful visuals and application discussion questions. Optional elements include fun activities, games, and worksheets, as well as a student project that can be worked on throughout the duration of the curriculum. 

Overview of elements included in the coordinator's starter kit:

Things Hidden, The Call of God, and God Always Wins curriculum have been newly revised.

Things Hidden
A study on the parables of Jesus so children might seek the hidden treasure of God and find their satisfaction in Him.
The Call of God
A study on the work of God in redemption, exploring the call of God and various responses to that call.
God Always Wins
A study on the greatness of God, the great Victor who triumphs over all enemies, including Satan, death, and sin.


Note: The VBS/BYBC curriculum Wisdom Calls Aloud, a study on wisdom and the fear of the Lord, is being revised but is still available to order.

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