Summer Is for Preparing Children for Eternity

Summer Is for Preparing Children for Eternity

Summer is a wonderful time for families to take breaks from certain routines. There’s the delightful break from work in order to go on vacation together. For children, the most obvious break is being on vacation from school, freeing up hours upon hours of their time. Parents, do you have a plan for what your children will be doing this summer with all that time? Maybe sports, time with friends, visits to fun attractions, special chores, hobbies, family game nights, etc.? All these activities can be good and fun over the summer. But are you also prioritizing what is most important?

Author William Farley writes,

Christians parent [keep] one eye on eternity. Their children will live forever. This is a staggering thought…Therefore, the Christian does not parent for this life only. The believing parent labors to prepare each child for the day of judgment. The stakes are inexpressibly high…Christian parents have one goal during this short window of opportunity. It is to transfer the baton of faith in Christ to the next generation. (Gospel-Powered Parenting: How the Gospel Shapes and Transforms Parenting, 41)

Similarly, Chap Bettis says,

Here lies the crux of the matter: The first battleground of family discipleship is not my child’s heart—it is my heart. Each parent must decide whether he is more concerned that his child be accepted into Heaven, or “Harvard.” We all have “Harvards”—those worldly successes we desire for our children, but the question remains, “Which is most important to me?”…I would emphasize here that the challenge of priorities is often not the good versus the bad, rather, the good versus the better. Given a finite amount of time, energy, and money, what will you choose?(The Disciple-Making Parent: A Comprehensive Guidebook for Raising Your Children to Love and Follow Jesus Christ, 7)

As you think of all the possibilities for keeping your children busy and active this summer, have you given any thought to prioritizing and investing in their discipleship? Do you have a plan for helping them grow in their knowledge of God and His Word? Will they be daily inspired and encouraged to trust and treasure Jesus? Are you going to use each and every day to prepare your children for eternity? 

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