Summer Is for More Than a Story

Summer Is for More Than a Story

My grandkids love to be read to and the evidence is scattered all over their houses—books everywhere. They love a good story filled with exciting plots, twists, interesting characters, poignant life lessons, all conveyed with colorful illustrations. But as much as they will be enriched by these wonderful stories, they need to be read something that will provide them with much more than a story. That is why I’m thankful that More Than a Story is part of the older ones reading routine.

What are parents and children saying about this Bible resource? Here is a small sampling,

My youngest (Jack, age 11) is within a day or two of finishing More Than a Story in his morning Bible time. When I asked him about it, he said, “It puts the Bible stories in simpler terms and it shows what biblical truths you can learn out of it. I really liked it, and I liked the things at the end—to pray or think about."

Reagan (age 10): “I really liked this Bible because it shows God’s perfectness and how patient, merciful, and faithful He is. I also liked how it shows our need for God.”

Caleb (age 8): “I liked the way that it explains things and how it shows God’s character—He is faithful, merciful and unchanging.”

Daniela (age 9): At the end of each true story it teaches us that God always knows best. We should trust Him since He has the right plan for us. There are things in the Old Testament that tell about Jesus coming. Like when Abraham put Isaac on the altar and it was like a symbol for Jesus to be the sacrifice some day. God is always good. He keeps his promises no matter how long it takes. So we should believe and trust Him.

I read it nightly to our 12 year-old son, Micah. He loves listening as it helps him to better understand his reading through the Bible in a year... Micah loves the illustrations the best! I love the focus on the application of truths through questions and prayer to internalize the lesson and make it real and pertinent.

You can read more testimonies here. All this to say, if you already haven’t done so, put More Than a Story on your children’s summer reading list and tell others in your church about it. (The elders of one church purchased copies for all of their families—what a huge discipleship gift!) Bless a missionary family with a copy. Use it as an evangelistic outreach tool to introduce others to the message of the Bible.

We are excited for the second volume, More Than a Story: New Testament, to be released later this year (see Table of Contents)!

We are trusting God for approximately $50K to complete this project.

Would you join us in asking God to grant our desire for this book find its way into every Christian home? We would also be grateful for you to consider investing toward the completion of this project. GIVE NOW

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