Stock Your Spiritual Pantry in 2024

Stock Your Spiritual Pantry in 2024

Has memorizing Scripture helped you over the past year? I’ve found that filling my mind with verses is like stocking our kitchen pantry. If all I have on hand are boxes of mac and cheese and diced tomatoes, we won't starve. But that’s no way to feast.

The more you memorize, the more varied and specific are the words the Holy Spirit brings to mind, stirring faith in your heart, helping you overcome fear and temptation, and supplying words to pray with a friend. The more you memorize, the more the Word shapes your heart, mind, and life.

As you plan for the year ahead, will you make Bible memory a priority? 

One way to do that is by memorizing with your family and friends. You can invite your spouse, children, or church family to join you in memorizing verses. We’ve made it easy by creating the free Fighter Verses Guide to Scripture Memory.

Simply share this post and ask them to click on the image of the guide to sign up. They'll also get our once-a-week devotional email to help them apply the verses to their life.

We’re thankful for every believer who’s memorizing Scripture to fight the good fight of faith.

This year’s verses will dispel our fears (Isaiah 41:10), shape our spending (Proverbs 3:9-10), orient us to the Lord’s discipline (John 10:27-30), call us to praise the one true and living God (Psalm 100:1-3), and much more. Consider, if you start memorizing with us in January, you can be 52 passages richer by the end of the year. 

There’s no better way to spend your time than storing up God’s Word in your heart. We hope this free guide will help you and encourage those you love to join you in this essential spiritual discipline. 

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