Starting with Prayer

The beginning of a new Sunday school year is always filled with a mix of joyful anticipation and…well, let’s just say chaos! Often there is an assortment of new teachers, rooms, curricula, and students. Careful planning and preparation can help minimize problems, but there are always bumps in the road the first few weeks. One thing I have found most helpful is the importance of praying together as a teaching team before we open the doors and let the children come in. Making it a habit to gather together for 5 – 10 minutes of prayer before class is an invaluable means of crying out to our heavenly Father for His help. For example, we pray that…
  • the Holy Spirit be present, bringing a spirit of peace and order to our classroom.
  • God would be at work causing the children to have attentive ears, minds, and hearts.
  • all of our attitudes, words, and actions would serve to glorify God.
  • all of our attitudes, words, and actions would serve to edify the children and point them to the incomparable treasure of Jesus.
  • God would protect us and the children from unhelpful distractions and the darts of the enemy.
  • God’s Word would be clearly proclaimed by the teachers and understood by the children.
  • visitors would feel loved and welcomed.
  • children with special needs would be loved, served, and included.
  • the children would extend grace, patience, and love to one another.
  • that Gospel truths would be embraced with genuine faith.
  • our worship time would be filled with expressions of true love and praise.
  • that small group leaders be given wisdom and discernment as they seek to lead the children to respond to the truths presented.
  • we would respond in wise and God-honoring ways to rebellious hearts, inattentiveness, inappropriate silliness, etc.
  • parents would feel assisted and helped, and would be moved and equipped to actively disciple their children in the home.
  • every child in our classroom would, by God’s sovereign grace, grow and mature into a man or woman wholly devoted to Jesus Christ.

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