Spread a Vision this Summer

Many people are familiar with Children Desiring God primarily for our curriculum. But before there ever was any curriculum, there was a vision—a vision for spreading a passion for the supremacy of God in all things so that the next generation may know and cherish Jesus Christ as the only One who saves and satisfies the desires of the heart. Therefore, this vision is the "big thing"—the curriculum simply exists as a tool toward the vision. This is why we encourage people to know and understand the vision before using the curriculum. How can you, other parents, and your church become better acquainted with the vision? Consider hosting a "Getting Acquainted With a God-Centered Vision for the Next Generation" informational meeting at your home or church using this free three-part series by David and Sally Michael. Here is a summary of each 75-minute video: http://vimeo.com/21400553 http://vimeo.com/21405271
  • A Vision for Encouraging Faith in the Next Generation” emphasizes the urgent call to teachers and parents to encourage faith in the next generation, through biblical teaching of the Word, recognizing that faith is a work of God in the heart.
http://vimeo.com/21409866 We recommend using one video per meeting in order to allow time for follow-up discussion. Also remember to download the helpful handouts that accompany each presentation, available here.
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