Singing the Catechism

The other day while spending time with my grandchildren, I created a simple little song to emphasize that God made everything. They helped me add various verses to include the different animals and things God has made. Later, while driving them home, 3-year-old David began singing the song aloud. With just one 10-minute exposure to a new song, he had it memorized. Not surprising since it is well documented that music can help children and adults alike to memorize. Now imagine your children memorizing something much more substantial: the Catechism (read here why that’s important). Jim Scott Orrick has created a great resource bringing together music and the Catechism: “The Baptist Catechism Set to Music.” Here is a brief overview:
  • CD format
  • 114 questions from the Baptist Catechism (a Reformed and Baptistic question & answer teaching tool)
  • musical pieces are simple and brief, serving as a helpful memory tool
You can listen to a sample here:      
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