Revised In the Beginning...Jesus Curriculum Now Available

Revised In the Beginning...Jesus Curriculum Now Available

Children, like most of us, are intrigued by mysteries. Mysteries tend to pique our curiosity and excite our minds: What happened? Who did it? Why?...and more. We like to figure things out and find the solution. At the opening of the In the Beginning...Jesus curriculum, we lead students to solve a historical, real-life mystery—one of eternal importance that is critical to their own lives:

…the revelation of the mystery that was kept secret for long ages (Romans 16:25b).

From reading the New Testament, we know that the mystery revealed is the gospel—God’s salvation coming to His people through the person and work of Christ. What students are less likely to know is that, beginning in Genesis and progressing through the Old Testament, God had revealed important clues that all pointed forward to Jesus. These clues, when added together and studied carefully, provide a glorious climax to the questions, “Why did Jesus die?” and “Who did it?”

In the Beginning… Jesus was written to help children discover these Old Testament clues and then see how they find their complete fulfillment in the person and work of Christ—the establishment of the new covenant between God and His people.

How is this revision different from the original version?

We have completed a significant revision of this curriculum that we believe will greatly benefit teachers and students alike. Improvements include:

  • A more user-friendly lesson format for teachers
  • Greatly improved classroom visuals—high quality with all original artwork. (The example images below include a single visual of Jesus' family tree as well as an assembled representation of the tabernacle visual elements and the clue cards that go with the curriculum poster).
  • Redesigned student workbook that is more appealing and user-friendly (see sample workbook pages)
  • Additional content giving teachers more options in the classroom
  • Redesigned Growing In Faith Together pages
  • Improved small group application section

See sample of two lessons.

Visual of Jesus' Family Tree

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