Reasons for Teaching Big Truths and Difficult Doctrines to Children—Part 1

Some of you have may up picked up a new CDG curriculum this year (or some other curriculum) and wondered, after perusing the contents: Should we really be teaching such "hard" truths to these young children? In her seminar “Teaching the Difficult Doctrines in Children’s Ministry,”Sally Michael pointed out 13 reasons for teaching children difficult truths and doctrines.
  • So that children have an accurate view of God and the message of the Bible.
  • So that children can embrace the Gospel.
  • Children are not hindered in their acceptance of hard truths by past experiences, emotions, or prejudices.
  • The Word evokes worship in those who have eyes to see its glorious truths.
  • Children’s hearts are typically tender toward truth, and therefore it is critical to teach truth to them before their hearts are hardened.
  • Knowing the Word is the foundation for fearing God and protection from sin.
  • The truth is learned precept upon precept.
  • Gives children a biblical framework from which to interpret all of life.
  • Being taught the whole counsel of God helps prevent wrong thinking that must be undone later in life.
  • So they become mature in their faith.
  • Discernment is trained through constant practice.
  • Children can only see themselves accurately as they look into the Word of God.
  • So we will stand in the judgment as good shepherds.
Watch this video to learn more as Sally unpacks each of these important reasons during the first 30 minutes. Stay tuned next week when we present part 2 of this blog post, “How to Present Difficult Doctrines to Children.”
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