Pursuing the Greater Joy of the Next Generation

Pursuing the Greater Joy of the Next Generation

As a parent and grandparent, there is a special joy that comes from watching your family grow and mature. But amidst all the joys experienced with my grandchildren as they reach various milestones in life, there is a verse that comes to mind that reorients my joy and makes me long and pray for something much deeper for their lives as they grow up:

           I have no greater joy than to hear that my children [grandchildren, students] are walking in the truth. (3 John 4)

           No greater joy than hearing that they are walking in the truth of His Word—the Bible.

           No greater joy than knowing that they are trusting whole-heartedly in Christ and living out the gospel.

           No greater joy than seeing them find their greatest and all-satisfying joy in God.

           No greater joy than being confident that they will experience fullness of joy in His presence forevermore!

If this is the desire of your heart for your own children, grandchildren, and the children in your church, then we must be earnest, diligent, intentional, and zealous in teaching them the truth and living out the truth in our homes and churches.

One of my favorite sermons by Pastor David Michael is titled, “Spiritual Parenting: Pursuing the Greater Joy.” I whole-heartedly believe that it will be a blessing and encouragement to every Christian parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, mentor, teacher, small group leader, children’s and youth minister—every believer. 


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