Planning and Preparing for the Coming Children’s Ministry Year

Planning and Preparing for the Coming Children’s Ministry Year

Vacation time is well under way and millions of families are traveling. For the vast majority, the destination was chosen ahead of time and specific preparations were made to coincide with the venue and desired activities. Great destinations inspire more excitement and motivation in preparing for what’s ahead.

Have you ever thought about children’s ministry in a similar manner? Is the comprehensive discipleship of the children and youth viewed as a great, inspiring “destination” – one worthy of our most devoted preparation? Is your church excited for the coming Sunday school year and all the opportunities available for participating in this sacred endeavor? 

That is why it’s crucial to begin gearing up for fall by heralding a clear, compelling destination or vision—one that will inspire and motivate the church, parents, teachers, and volunteers such as,

Our vision is that our children and youth will, by God’s sovereign grace, come to know, honor, and treasure God, setting their hope in Christ alone, so that they will live as faithful disciples for the glory of God.

Has your church been actively pursuing this kind of biblical vision? Is it being heralded from the pulpit? Has it been embraced in the pews, classrooms, and homes? Is it serving to inspire and guide the church and families as you plan and prepare for the coming school year? What are some practical steps for moving forward? We would like to suggest 5 successive steps you can pursue in the coming weeks. Find those in this PDF: A Guide for Planning and Preparing for the Coming Children’s Ministry Year.
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