Parents: Biblical Worldview Starts at Home

ID-10015132 Yesterday’s post presented some thoughts by Nancy Pearcey on the necessity to train our students and children to have a biblical worldview. What is meant by “biblical worldview”? Here is a simple definition:

Biblical worldview is seeing and interpreting all of life through the truth of Scripture.

Parents, we have the primary responsibility to teach our children the truth of Scripture. We are also in the best position to help our children see and interpret life as we experience it together with them. Therefore, biblical worldview training should begin in the home. Here are 8 basics things parents can focus on:

Teach your children…

  • that God is the source of all truth and that His Word, the Bible, is truth.
  • a biblical understanding of God’s nature and character.
  • that biblical truth is relevant to everything in life.
  • to evaluate all things through the truth of Scripture: biblical discernment.
  • the enlightening and transforming truth of the Gospel.
  • that a biblical worldview is meant to point them to true, lasting joy.
  • to boldly proclaim God’s truth in a spirit of humility.
  • to expect opposition and to be prepared to stand firm.
For a further explanation of each point and practical tips for application at various ages, download this free handout from the seminar, “Helping Children Develop a Biblical Worldview.”

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