Now My Eye Sees You: The Testing of Job

Now My Eye Sees You: The Testing of Job

At a time when our world has been shaken, fear and confusion can invade our hearts. But God’s Word gives us the truths we need to stand firm in this shifting world. The book of Job written centuries ago speaks timeless truths we need for today. Do your children know these truths? 

Here, Sally Michael shares a summary of those truths in story form intended to instruct the mind, encourage the heart, and challenge the will of the next generation. Sally is reading chapter 9, Now My Eye Sees You: The Testing of Job, from the forthcoming book More Than a Story

When the chapter "Now My Eye Sees You" appears in the More Than a Story book, it will end with an application section called MAKING YOU WISE FOR SALVATION. 

That section will includes the following elements to use with children after listening to this story: 

What does this chapter tell us about God? Talk about and apply the biblical truths in bold text. 

Salvation Thread: God uses suffering to bring about His good purposes. 
In his suffering, Job would not curse God; Job trusted God. One day, God would allow His Son to suffer horrifically to bring about the greatest good to man. His Son would willingly suffer, trusting the wisdom and goodness of His Father. 

Tell your child about a time when you suffered. Explain to your child how God brought about something good from the situation. Did you understand it at the time? 

Talk about This Verse: “I had heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees you;” (Job 42:5) 

Pray: Thank God that He can be trusted to know what is best for you. Ask God for a humble heart that trusts Him. 

Think about: We can know a lot about God, but we learn to trust Him more through experiences He brings into our lives.

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