New Poster for “In the Beginning...Jesus” Now Available

New Poster for “In the Beginning...Jesus” Now Available

One of my favorite experiences of teaching Sunday school was the year I taught 3rd graders using
In the Beginning...Jesus. The visual focal point of the study, used throughout the year, was the large poster that was used to progressively reveal the Old Testament clues that point to Jesus and His death on the cross. The children loved finding the Bible clues and opening the special windows on the poster week to week. But over the years we heard from our ministry partners: The poster was bulky and costly. Unfortunately, this resulted in many churches not buying the poster, and the children missing out on a wonderfully appealing and biblically informative visual that is integral to the lesson material.

That is why we are pleased to announce that a new poster is now available with the following improvements:

  • Made of one layer with no windows to cut out, making it ready to use in the classroom (the picture clues are taped onto the banner).
  • The picture clues are all original artwork and come pre-cut.
  • Featuring a fresh look for the picture clues, the new poster is also more economical and easier to use.
  • It can be used with either the original or the revised curriculum.



Please note: This new poster can be used in conjunction with your current edition of In the Beginning, Jesus.

However, we are also excited to announce that a newly revised edition of In the Beginning...Jesus will be available this August.

IBJHere are some features of this new edition:

  • A more user-friendly format for teachers
  • Greatly improved classroom visuals—high quality with all original artwork
  • Redesigned student workbook that is more appealing and user-friendly
  • Additional content giving teachers more options in the classroom

You can order the new poster here. We will give more updates on the release of the revised curriculum in the coming weeks.

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