New Help for Understanding the Truth78 Curricula Scope and Sequence

New Help for Understanding the Truth78 Curricula Scope and Sequence

I’m an old-fashioned “paper map” person. That’s probably because I like to have at my disposal the “big picture” of where I am and where I’m going—and not simply rely on an app to give me step-by-step voice commands.

In a sense, a curricula scope and sequence serves to give ministry leaders and volunteers the “big picture.” Yes, I might be teaching one specific curriculum for one specific age group, but I am also part of a bigger, overarching destination and goal. Knowing this, helps me understand and better appreciate the theme and focus of my particular curriculum.

At Truth78, the “big picture” of our curricula is to teach children the whole counsel of God!

Every individual curriculum, from nursery through youth, has been carefully and strategically designed to accomplish this goal. So, whether you are investigating Truth78 curricula for the first time or have been using it for years, we believe you will benefit from our newly revised Truth78 Curricula Scope and Sequence Explanation. It provides much more than a list of curriculum titles for various ages and ministry programs. More importantly, it explains the theological and philosophical foundations of our curricula so that you we be more informed, inspired, and encouraged in your ministry to children and youth.


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