Making Application of Scripture to the Lives of Students

As we state in the introduction to our curricula, the Small Group Application Time at the end of each lesson is designed to help students see how God might have them respond to the truth they have heard. To aid in this process we provide several possible "spring-boards" for small group leaders to use to encourage heart response and application. Here is a helpful list from Sally Michael of many other possible applications to consider as you prepare to lead a small group. Do the truths presented call me to respond with a...?
  • Command to obey
  • Truth to believe
  • Error to avoid
  • Promise to hold on to
  • Teaching to put into practice
  • Perspective to ponder
  • Example to follow
  • Sin to repent of and turn from
  • Priority to establish
  • Example to avoid
  • Character quality to imitate
  • Tactic to employ
  • Warning to heed
  • Prayer topic
  • Verse to memorize
  • Advice to follow
  • Something to be thankful for
  • Something to teach or tell others
  • Attitude to change
  • Temptation to resist

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