Looking for Opportunities to Help Nurture Your Youth?

In his book, Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens, Paul David Tripp challenges us to look at the teen years in a new way,
It is time for us to reject the wholesale cynicism of our culture regarding adolescence. Rather than years of undirected and unproductive struggle, these are years of unprecedented opportunity. They are the golden age of parenting, when you begin to reap all the seeds you have sown in their lives, when you can help your teenager to internalize truth, preparing him or her for a productive, God-honoring life as an adult. These are the years of penetrating questions, the years of wonderful discussions never before possible. These are the years of failure and struggle that put the teen's true heart on the table. These are the years of daily ministry and of great opportunity. (2001, page 19)
In order to assist parents and youth ministry workers in this important season of "opportunity," Children Desiring God is pleased to be able to increasingly offer more resources geared toward youth. If you haven't already registered for our May 2-4 conference in Minneapolis, you may want to check out these youth-focused seminars:
  • Holiness is for Hard Times: How the Holiness of Christ Sustains Children and Youth Workers over the Long Haul
  • How Can a Young Person Keep Their Way Pure? Helps for Encouraging Teens in Godliness
  • By Design: Youth Ministry in the Local Church
  • Planning Truth-Saturated Events and Retreats
  • Preparing Youth for Marriage
  • Great Expectations: Embracing a Massive, Christ-Exalting Vision for the Young People that You Serve
  • Youth Lesson Preparation and Presentation
  • Leading Students to Feast on God's Word
For more information about the conference and seminars click here.
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