Leading Children in God-Centered Worship

I have a great appreciation for the men and women whom God has gifted in leading children in God-centered worship. They go beyond the" light and fluffy" approach that has often been associated with children's ministry in order to guide children toward a more biblical view God, which inspires admiration, awe, and praise. One such leader is Pam Grano, and in her excellent seminar “Leading Children in God-Centered Worship,” she helps worship leaders to lay a solid foundation in their vision and philosophy of worship, as well as practical concerns for implementation in the classroom. Some of the areas covered in her seminar are:  
  • How is worshiping with children different than with adults?
  • How do I plan a time of worship with children?
  • What kinds of songs should be considered?
  • How do I organize songs, Scripture, and prayer into a meaningful worship time?
  • Developmental and musical considerations
  Her seminar handout would serve as a valuable resource for every worship leader, as well as the audio from the entire seminar. Photo Credit: Madeline Hunt at Sofia Hilder Photography
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