Is a Biblical Worldview Enough?

ID-10055382 I am an enthusiastic proponent of giving our children and students a biblical worldview. They should know how the Bible is relevant to all of life. They should be taught to think biblically about everything: education, government, music, technology, sports, culture, other religions, etc. I am all for using solid resources that train and equip our children in this endeavor. But here is a really good reminder from Stephen Altrogge:

…the older I get, the more I realize that it’s not enough to give my children a biblical worldview. I’ve seen too many of my childhood friends grow up to reject the biblical worldview that was so furiously drummed into them as children. I’ve seen too many people make choices that they know are in direct contradiction to the worldview they embraced for so many years. I’ve seen too many train wrecks to think that worldview alone is enough.

Worldview is important, but it’s only one part of the equation. A biblical worldview helps a person think correctly. But we are not purely intellectual beings. We don’t operate solely based on ideas and thoughts. We are flesh and blood, with passions, desires, and longings. We feel things deeply and desire things strongly. Our intellects and desires are intricately interwoven, interacting with and informing each other.

If I’m going to be an effective, godly parent, I need to appeal to my kids affections as much as their intellects. They need to see that the Bible makes sense, but they also need to see that Jesus is supremely delightful.

(“A Solid Worldview Won’t Save My Kids” at

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