The moment could not have been scripted any better. It began with one worship leader and a Sunday school class of 35 first graders. She wanted to teach them a song. But before teaching them the music, she wanted to introduce them to some big words in the song—profound words like "holy," "almighty," "merciful," and "Trinity." The children listened intently as Mrs. Grano simply but carefully explained the meaning of these words, and then they watched as she demonstrated hand motions for each word. But suddenly, Mrs. Grano's voice was joined by another—a very soft, almost inaudible humming. Mrs. Grano stopped and listened. She asked the little voice to continue humming, and soon the other children joined in. But it wasn't mere humming. The children were humming a familiar tune, "Holy, Holy, Holy." And so, without further comment or instruction, a room full of first graders sang out in seriously reverent voices the first verse of that great hymn. And every adult in that room was moved, including me. What a wonderful testament of what God may be pleased to do in our Sunday schools and homes when big truths are taught to young hearts. Oh, that these words from Jerry Bridges may come true, In our day we must begin to recover a sense of awe and profound reverence for God. We must begin to view Him once again in the infinite majesty that alone belongs to Him who is the Creator and Supreme Ruler of the entire universe. (The Practice of Godliness, 1983, page 21.) So, as people who minister to children, let's stir one another up to present big truths about God to the children under our care. Let us consider how to give them "Isaiah 6" moments in which they get a glimpse of the holiness, splendor, and majesty of God. Yes, we want our classrooms to be filled with smiles and gladness, but let's also remember that we need to provide moments of reverent awe and--dare I say it--trembling! Worship the LORD in the splendor of holiness; tremble before him, all the earth! (Psalm 96:9 ESV) Children Desiring God would love to partner with you in this great endeavor. Please join us for our upcoming national conference May 2-4 in Minneapolis where we will focus on The Splendor of Holiness. Watch this personal invitation from Pastor David Michael: [vimeo 48564032 w=500 h=281]

2013 National Conference Invitation with David Michael from Children Desiring God on Vimeo.

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