Help children discover biblical wisdom in your summer outreach

Help children discover biblical wisdom in your summer outreach

This generation of children is growing up in a dangerous world. Evil is disguised as good, and Satan is deceptive, making his lies attractive. But even more so, the natural human heart yearns for that which is wrong, as it stands in opposition to God’s greatness and goodness. Jesus is the light that brings us to God and points us toward what is good and right.

Every day, children are faced with the calls of wisdom and foolishness. It is against their sin nature to love and to do what is good and right. Their hearts are attracted to what is bad and wrong, and they often act on that heart desire. Yet wisdom is a treasure worth seeking with all their hearts. What will incline them to seek wisdom and reject foolishness?

The love of wisdom and what is good and right starts with the work of God in the heart. When God inclines a child’s heart to be in awe of His greatness and goodness, the result is the fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom. The strength to reject foolishness and the lies of the enemy comes from knowing God, the source of wisdom. When children embrace Jesus, the Light in a dark world, they will treasure wisdom and walk in its ways.

This message is from the preface of the new Wisdom Quest curriculum, which helps children discover biblical wisdom and the fear of the Lord in a Vacation Bible School, Backyard Bible Club, or camp setting.

Wisdom Quest is a significant revision and expansion of the former Wisdom Calls Aloud curriculum, providing a highly engaging package of teaching, activity, and promotional materials for helping children love and pursue the path of wisdom.


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