Growing Zeal

Growing Zeal

How can we make a vision for the discipleship of the next generations a reality for the children and youth growing up in our homes and churches? We’ve created a new digital guide offering practical application of the vision and framework presented in the book, Zealous: 7 Commitments for the Discipleship of the Next Generations. With a biblical vision for the next generations before us, we want to provide some actionable steps to move us closer to that vision becoming a reality.

I opened Zealous by emphasizing that “vision without zeal rarely becomes reality.” Even though we can’t make ourselves authentically zealous, there are things we can do that God can use to awaken zeal in us. A good starting place is to acknowledge our inability and ask God to ignite zeal in us. This can, in turn, awaken zeal in others through “embracing seven essential commitments and acting on them, trusting God not only for the grace to be able to act upon and to fulfill them, but also for the zeal without which your efforts will be unsustainable” (page 15).

In addition to awakening zeal in us and others, these seven commitments help us communicate the biblical responsibility we share as God’s people for the discipleship of all nations (Matthew 28:19) for His glory throughout all generations (Ephesians 3:21). I assume that everyone reading this heartily affirms the priority of this responsibility, but the struggle we face in our churches and homes is a lack of intentionality and scope. This is why we at Truth78 emphasize “comprehensive” discipleship, and it is why we create tools for the church and home that can help us be more intentional and comprehensive. “A Guide to Growing Zeal for the Discipleship of the Next Generations” provides next steps for application in the church and home. Church leaders can use the “Application for Home” portion of each section for their own homes and as steps to provide to families in their church

It is our hope that this guide will be an encouragement to continue to act on the priorities we affirm and faithfully fulfill the responsibilities we have embraced.

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