God-Glorifying Books for Gift Giving

Do you enjoy giving encouraging, God-glorifying books to your children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews? Have you been searching for a meaningful gift to encourage families over the upcoming holidays, or to show appreciation to your volunteers? Do you like to give books to children for class promotions or milestones they’ve reached? If you love to give valuable resources to encourage the faith of the next generation there is a new bulk-pricing option for the Making HIM Known series and Jesus is Most Special. Individual books are also available below list price. The devotional books correlate to various Children Desiring God Sunday School or Midweek Bible curricula, and Jesus is Most Special involves children in telling the Christmas story. Here are some ideas for giving these books:

  • Encourage parents to use the family devotionals as supplements or follow up to the curriculum taught on Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights. For example, give God’s Names to children after they finish How Majestic is Your Name or during that year so the whole family can share in what’s being learned.
  • Reinforce the truths from the Jesus, What a Savior! curriculum by giving each child a copy of God’s Gospel as an end-of-the-year gift.
  • Include a link to the book page in a newsletter for parents at the start of the school year, or near the end as part of a summer reading list.
  • Before Christmas, order Jesus is Most Special and give it to your church families or volunteers, or even as a gift during an evangelistic or neighborhood Christmas Tea.
  • Provide God’s Battle or God’s Word during your Fighter Verses Bible Memory Kick-Off to encourage families to be in the Word.
  • Use these books as a reward or incentive if children memorize a certain number of curriculum verses or Fighter Verses.
  • Families who worked through The Fighter Verses Study could continue their family time by using the devotional books.
  • Use these books as gifts for neighbors during summer block parties or National Night Out.
  • Offer God’s Design as part of a class to help parents talk with their children about purity and biblical manhood and womanhood.
  • At the end of a Backyard Bible Club or Vacation Bible School, you could send home a devotional book for each family. For example, God's Wisdom would be a great gift after studying Wisdom Quest (formerly Wisdom Calls Aloud) or God’s Gospel after studying The Call of God.
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