Four P’s for Encouraging Personal Bible Reading

ID-100246167 Are you struggling to incorporate daily Bible reading and personal devotions into your life? Is joy for God’s Word sometimes waning? Blogger Tim Challies had a recent post about the benefits of personal devotions and Bible reading. Not only is his post helpful for adults but the four P’s he states would be easy to communicate to the students and children in your life. Here is a summary of the four P’s found in Psalm 19 from his post:

David tells us that God’s Word is precious. David is king over his nation and has access to all of its wealth, yet he looks at it all and sees that it is nothing compared to the surpassing worth of God’s Word.

…God’s Word is pleasurable. I don’t think there is any natural substance more delicious than honey (though perhaps maple syrup could be a close contender), and yet David can proclaim that God’s Word is sweeter even than honey and the drippings of the honeycomb.

…God’s Word is protective. He knows that the wisdom of God revealed through his Word will warn him and protect him away from sin and its consequences. David can look at his life and see those times he did not heed the warnings and receive God’s protection, and now he knows: God protects us through his Word.

…God’s Word is profitable. The Word of God does not only warn, but it also profits. Those who heed God’s wisdom and obey his law receive all the benefits that come from walking with God. They receive the greatest reward of all: they are with God and in God today and every day.

Here’s his entire article, “A Great Reward.”

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