Don’t Give Them a Snake

ID-100282308 Here is a really timely admonition from Russell Moore:

Jesus described the Fatherhood of God by noting that no one, not even an evil person, would give his son a serpent when he asked for a fish (Matt. 7:10). Why not? It’s because natural affection propels a father to seek to protect his child from something harmful.

Sadly, though, we see a culture, even among Christians all too often, that is willing to give a child a serpent, as long as he really wants it. After all, all his friends have access to venomous reptiles and we don’t want him to feel different. Plus, we think he’s trustworthy as a snake-charmer.

What is the “snake” Russell Moore has in mind here? Something that is the hands of many children at this very moment. Something they go to bed with and wake up with. Something that never leaves their side. The quote above is from his article, “Smartphones, Tablets, and Christian Parenting.” It’s a good and challenging read for every parent.

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