Delighting in God’s Glory this Summer—7 Ideas for Your Family

Delighting in God’s Glory this Summer—7 Ideas for Your Family

The start of summer means that my grandchildren will be outdoors as much as possible, experiencing all sorts of delightful adventures in God’s creation: working in the garden, hiking in the woods, splashing the dogs with the hose, exploring rivers and lakes, watching birds at the feeder, collecting rocks and bugs…just to name a few things. But it’s crucial that we don’t miss the opportunity to point them God-ward in these adventures. 

This is our Father’s world, and we would do well to receive this world and enjoy it, while giving praise and glory to God for the beauty and bounty it contains. We understand that nature is not an end to itself, and we affirm that the creation exists as the theater of God’s glory for the drama of redemption. All this should help Christians to remember that we honor God most faithfully when we receive His good gifts most gratefully.

—Dr. Albert Mohler (“Nature-Deficit Disorder—Have Our Children Forgotten How to Play Outdoors?”

How can we help our children to see God’s glory this summer as they enjoy His creation? Consider a trip to the zoo as an example. Does your conversation ever sound like this?

Look at that beautiful sea lion! Look at his cute little nose and those long whiskers. And watch how fast he can swim under water and twirl around and around. Who made him that way? God did! Isn’t God amazing?! God is so good in creating sea lions for us to enjoy! Let’s say “thank You” to Jesus.

Here are a few other ideas to help your children see and delight in God’s glory this summer.

  • Study a Wonderful Work of God—Read Psalm 145:3-5 together. Talk about what it means to “meditate” on something. Next, choose a particular group of items for your child to study (e.g., different rocks, leaves, flowers, fruits, etc.). Encourage your child to carefully note the varying colors, shapes, textures, smells, tastes, etc. What does this variety and detail tell us about God?  
  • “I Spy God’s Glory” Activity—Take your children to your backyard. Have them look around for things (both large and small) that God has created. Next, as quickly as possible, take turns calling out, “I spy God’s glory! He created _________ [the sunshine, grass, bumble bee, etc.].” 
  • Praise Walk—Read Psalm 148 together and note all the things giving praise to God. Then, go to a local park or nature center. Walk along the trails and point out specific things to look at, listen to, smell, and touch. Then turn your observations into praise refrains such as, "Praise the Lord, you fuzzy squirrels! Praise Him, you purple crawling beetles! Praise God, you tall, shady tree! Praise Him, you singing sparrow! Praise the Lord, you warm wind!...etc."
  • Creation Collage—Purchase a standard-size piece of posterboard (22” x 28”). Along the upper portion, write “God’s Glorious Creation” in large letters. During the next week or two, add pictures (e.g., cut out from old magazines or calendars), photos, or drawings of different things and creatures that God has created. Talk about the wisdom, power, and goodness of God in creating each one. Continue until the posterboard is completely covered. 
  • Memorize Psalm 19:1-4—Work on memorizing the verses together. Then choose a starry and/or moonlight night to go outside and loudly recite it together as you look up to the sky.
  • Consider the Birds—Learn about the birds in your area. Then, set up an appropriate birder feeder in your yard and a water source. Have your child observe the birds and their behavior at different times of the day and evening. How do they eat? What sounds do they make? How do they bathe? Etc. Read and talk about Matthew 6:25-26. 
  • Worship In Song—Learn a hymn that highlights God’s work in creation. After learning it, go on a nature hike and sing it as you walk along. Some suggested hymns: 

“I Sing the Mighty Power of God” (Isaac Watts) 

“Creation Sings” (Stuart Townend)

“This Is My Father’s World” (Maltbie D. Babcock)

“Great Is Thy Faithfulness” (Thomas O. Chisholm)

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