Cultivate Deep and Engaging Discipleship with Truth78+

Cultivate Deep and Engaging Discipleship with Truth78+

Do you want to go deeper in discipling the children in your church? Do you long for the next generation to be fully and joyfully committed to Jesus as they navigate this broken world? Do you want them to be firmly grounded in God’s unshakeable truth, standing firm in faith no matter the circumstance? Do you desire that they grow up to shine as lights for the gospel?

We’re excited to introduce Truth78+, a brand-new digital subscription service to help you cultivate disciple-making with robust curricula for interactive teaching and intentional study of the Bible.

For 25 years, Truth78 has provided churches with comprehensive discipleship curricula for guiding the next generation to “set their hope in God” (Psalm 78:7). Truth78 curricula are designed to:

  • affirm confidence in the truth and power of God’s Word.
  • teach the whole counsel of God.
  • guide teachers and students to personally interact with the Scriptures.
  • inspire genuine faith in Christ and loving obedience to His ways.
  • promote serious joy in God.

Now, with Truth78+, churches can access these discipleship curricula and supporting resources through a user-friendly platform that features:

  • digital access for all your teachers and volunteers.
  • printed curriculum resources (from subscribed content) offered at a subscriber discount.
  • FREE discipleship guides for parents and 25% off printed family discipleship resources.
  • Truth78-managed community for ministry leaders and monthly coaching emails.

If you’re already using Truth78, we think you’ll appreciate how the Truth78+ subscription delivers the content you value in a new platform that:

  • is easy to use―decreases administrative burdens and makes preparation and collaboration a breeze.
  • keeps you up to date―ensures you stay current with new and revised curricula, as well as a growing collection of support resources.
  • empowers your volunteers―provides 24/7 access to teaching and training materials for all your teachers and volunteers.
  • engages your parents―makes it easier for your parents to engage in family discipleship by giving them access to the resources they need.
  • guides children to know and hope in God―Truth78+ accelerates your mission, for the joy of the next generation.

Also, for those who still want print resources, don't worry, we will still offer all of our Truth78 resources in print.

Get started with Truth78+ with these steps:

  1. See how Truth78+ fits your discipleship goals. View a demo to learn more about the service and how it can help you meet your objectives.
  2. Select your subscription. Choose from curriculum libraries for children, youth, and midweek, as well as a library of family discipleship resources.
  3. Start deeper discipleship. Once you've subscribed, you'll get immediate access to your library of resources and can share these with your teachers and families to help guide children to know and hope in God.

We look forward to partnering with you in this important work. Subscribe today and start focusing on deep and engaging discipleship for the next generation.

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