Christmas Carols as Opportunities for Teaching Great Truths

ID-100152931I don’t know about you, but all the children I know love to sing Christian Christmas carols. The familiar tunes and the special events surrounding the Christmas season give these carols a special place in their hearts. Most children are able to memorize the verses with amazing ease. But let’s not miss a great opportunity when we teach children these carols. Many carols (and the kind I would recommend) convey big truths—truths that we should take the time to carefully, yet as simply as possible, explain.

Singing hymns about the coming of Jesus Christ is one means of education. Children are made aware of the weighty dignity of great themes, learning the meaning of words in their context. And it doesn’t matter if these things take time to absorb. It was T. S. Eliot who argued that fine language can communicate before it is understood. You can explore the rhythm and workings of the language through Christian hymns.

(“Singing Christmas Carols ” by Geoff Thomas,

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