Chicken Soup for Children’s Ministry

Chicken Soup for Children’s Ministry

I don’t know about your family, but our family has been hit hard with the cold and flu season this year. We are tired and worn out! So I really appreciated the day my good friend Linda showed up at our door with some homemade chicken soup. Oh how good and soothing that soup was! Her thoughtfulness made us feel very loved and cared for. Encouragement from others goes a long way.

In children’s ministry, there are times we, too, need “chicken soup.” We need the “food” of biblical encouragement—words that soothe our souls, cheer our hearts, and build up our strength and resolve to persevere, especially during the hard times. We need to be reminded that the work we are doing, when done for the Lord and in His power, is never in vain. So, if you would like some encouragement today, watch this 5-minute video clip from Pastor Mark Vroegop.

If you want a heavy dose of encouragement, watch his entire message: Declaring the Whole Counsel of God to the Next Generations.    

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