Caught the Vision? What’s Next?

Caught the Vision? What’s Next?

Imagine the following scenario: You have become fully convinced that your church needs a more rigorous plan for the comprehensive discipleship of children and youth. Maybe you were spurred on by watching our recent “Zealous Together” event. Now what? How can you best spread this vision and encourage your church and other parents and teachers? What if parents and teachers are hesitant to try something new?

Next Steps for Ministry Leaders 

Next Steps for Ministry Volunteers and Parents

In my experience, the longing for a more rigorous and comprehensive discipleship plan for children and youth sometimes starts from a groundswell of concerned parents and teachers. Because of the great demands on pastors and elders, some may not be intimately acquainted with what is happening in the Sunday school classrooms or the resources available for the church and home. Here are some steps to consider.

  • Avail yourself of the resources mentioned above. Consider any that would be appropriate to pass on to ministry leaders. 
  • Ask to meet with those who oversee children’s discipleship in your church. Humbly convey any concerns you may have, and share resources that have helped you, while making sure to express thankfulness for their leadership. 
  • If “big changes” are not an option at this point, consider asking for a small, incremental change. One woman asked if she could use the Truth78 curricula in just one class during the year. The teachers, students, and parents were so amazed at the difference, it created a hunger for more biblically rich curricula throughout the other grades.
  • Comprehensive discipleship begins at home! No matter what the current state of children’s and youth ministry in your church, parents have the sacred and primary responsibility to disciple their children. Encourage other parents to take greater ownership of this. You could start here.
  • Be patient and be vigilant in prayer! The past year has been challenging for many churches and families. Yes, this opens a door for changes in the way things have been done, but it also has left many people weary. Pressing for a more “rigorous” discipleship vision may, at first glance, appear overwhelming.

Not sure what to do next in your particular situation? Do you need more help in implementing any next steps? Our customer care team is made up of experienced ministry leaders and volunteers who would love to help you. Just give them a call at 877-400-1414 (M-F, 9 AM-3 PM CT).

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