"C" is for Catechism and for Children

ID-100109908 Here are nine good reasons for using a catechism with children:
  1. Catechisms present the Gospel message.
  2. The question-answer format of catechisms engages little children.
  3. Catechisms foster a God-centered curiosity in children.
  4. Catechisms serve as a basic outline of biblical truth.
  5. Catechisms preserve and purify accurate knowledge of biblical truths.
  6. Catechisms form a good foundation for deeper understanding later in life.
  7. Catechisms teach children to pray biblical-grounded prayers.
  8. Catechisms encourage independent Bible use in children.
  9. Catechisms encourage the beginning stages of biblical interpretation.
(From "Catechisms: Using a Sound Tradition to Build a Strong Faith " by Kevin Feder) Here are some recommended resources:

(Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.)

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