Proclaiming Bright Hope Through Resources and Training

Proclaiming Bright Hope Through Resources and Training

Looking back on 25 years of ministry and the development of over 100 resources for church and home, our team stands amazed with heartfelt gratitude to God. We also have a renewed zeal to continue creating and improving the wide range of unique and unparalleled discipleship resources offered. The product development team and our authors are devoted to doing all they can to ensure that children and students are taught the whole counsel of God. The team also invests a lot of time providing additional training and consultation for teachers, ministry leaders, and parents.

Our hope is to prepare the next generation to faithfully and winsomely engage a world that is increasingly hostile and resistant to biblical truth and the good news of the gospel. What a blessing that Truth78 is not alone in this mission! Dr. Bruce Ware and other ministry partners like you are faithfully laboring with us so that the next generation will set their hope in God. Please take a couple of minutes to watch him share his perspective.


Generous financial partnership allows us to continue producing resources and training, as Dr. Ware said, "to help our children grow in their understanding of God and the Christian faith." As our fiscal year comes to a close, would you consider a financial gift to help us finish strong and on budget? 

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