The Best News and Greatest Joy This Christmas

The Best News and Greatest Joy This Christmas

Children love the Christmas season. The sparkling lights, holiday music, brightly decorated trees, and colorful wrapped presents spark excitement! But as Christian parents, we want our children to get beyond temporal excitement  and point them to what's most worth celebrating. To do this, we must help them focus on the good news of great joy that the angels proclaimed  and reflect on the wonder of God sending His Son to earth in human form.

Good News of Great Joy! is a simple Advent resource to help your family reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, marvel at the providential events surrounding the birth of Jesus, and give thanks for God's provision of the One who has given us "the right to become children of God."

Starting on December 1, your child can remove a card from the appropriate envelope each day to discover an original drawing illustrating a part of the Christmas story. The back of the card notes a Scripture passage that you can read together as a family. After examining the illustration, reading the passage, discussing the text, and praying together, your child can place a similar illustration piece on the accompanying Advent scene.

This simple-to-use, reusable resource can be displayed in a variety of settings. It can become part of your family tradition as you focus on the best news and the greatest joy, the birth of our Savior and the salvation He obtained for those who are trusting in Him.

Good News of Great Joy! is a beautiful Christ-centered celebration of Advent. My husband and I were blessed to use a pilot version of this resource with our four young children for several Advent seasons. Our kids were always eager for their turn to take the picture clue out of the envelope, and we enjoyed our evening Scripture readings together. Our kids are excited to use this new version.

With 25 cards featuring original artwork and well-paced readings taken mostly from the opening chapters of the gospels, Good News of Great Joy! lets families walk deliberately through the incarnation in a way that engages even the youngest listeners. For those who have never done family devotions together, this is a great way to start.

Sarah House, Coon Rapids, Minnesota


Kit includes:
  • 25 Advent cards 
  • 10.5 feet of red ribbon
  • 25 wooden clothespins
  • Advent scene and accompanying pieces
  • Decorative storage box (11.25 x 8.75 x 2 inches)

Also available:

Coloring Book

This coloring book (32 pages) can be used as a companion piece to either the Good News of Great Joy Family Advent Calendar and Readings or the Good News of Great Joy children’s book (or both). Available in print and electronic download. ORDER

Children's book

This 56-page book is a companion to Good News of Great Joy Family Advent Calendar and Readings and can be used in several ways:
  • As a resource for a very young child in the family who will need help understanding the main point of the Bible reading for the day.
  • As a review of key points and facts of the daily Bible passages. You might choose to do only the section corresponding to the daily reading, or you might choose to review previous pages either by reading parts of the text or by talking about the content using your own wording.
  • If you have no older children and will not be reading the Scripture portion or only part of the Scripture portion on the Advent calendar cards, you could choose to use the book as the main teaching tool and reveal the calendar cards each day.  ORDER
Good News of Great Joy Bundle
Get the Good News of Great Joy Family Advent Calendar and Readings along with the children’s book as a bundle and save. The calendar and book are companion pieces that work well together. Read the devotional in the book, and then encourage your child to hang up the corresponding card from the calendar. ORDER


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