Being a Praying Teacher

utter-cover In last week’s post, I recounted the importance of being a properly trained and prepared teacher. But what also should be emphasized is the need to be a praying teacher. Lesson preparation without prayer is like attempting to drive a car without wheels…it won’t get you very far no matter how nice the car looks! Here is a resource that could serve to transform your ministry to children and youth this year: Utter Dependency on God, Through Prayer by Pastor Bud Burk. Here is a description:

The first part of Utter Dependency on God, Through Prayer is primarily directed to adults for their growth in the faith. The second part provides practical guidance to those who lead children in prayer—primarily in the classroom, but also in the living room.

Eleven strategies for integrating prayer into your interactions with children serve as a springboard for creative and visionary thought as you meditate upon Scripture, seeking God with all of your heart, through prayer.

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