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ID-100296178 One of the great privileges of teaching or leading a small group is the many opportunities to share the Gospel with children. But we often make an assumption that our children’s ministry volunteers are well taught and articulate in the “what” and “how” in communicating the Gospel to children. I know that, for myself, I had to unlearn many unbiblical notions concerning the Gospel. How so? I came to faith during the popular “born again” movement that was often marked by a shallow and skewed view of who God is, man’s condition, and the redeeming work of Christ. So when I first became a Sunday school teacher, many of those misunderstandings of the Gospel marked my interaction with the children. And even after I received solid biblical teaching concerning the Gospel, I then had to learn how to communicate it in a manner that was biblical yet child-friendly. Therefore, let’s be proactive in helping our children’s ministry volunteers understand and properly articulate the Gospel to the children in their classrooms. One helpful tool that your church could provide to all teachers and small group leaders is our resource, Helping Children to Understand the Gospel. There are affordable options for churches wanting to buy this resource in bulk, both in print or electronic form. Another option is a the free resource, “Presenting the Gospel to Children,” an audio seminar with an accompanying handout and PowerPoint presentation.

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