A Teacher's Heart: Transforming

Transforming Power of the Gospel As a teacher and writer for children I’m always looking for good resources designed for children. But one of the best things I can give my students is teaching from a transformed heart and mind—a mind increasingly shaped and changed through the Gospel. To that end, I am rereading Jerry Bridges excellent book The Transforming Power of the Gospel. As teachers, let us take to heart these words by Mr. Bridges so that when we teach, our words and demeanor give evidence to the life-changing truths of the Gospel:

…we cannot grow spiritually if we do not see our need to grow. And if our insecurity about our day-to-day relationship with God causes us to live in denial about our sin, we will not grow. This is one reason we still need the gospel every day. It helps us move from a performance relationship with God to one based on the sinless life and sin-bearing death of Jesus Christ. It daily reminds us that from God’s point of view, our relationship with Him is not based on how good or bad we’ve been but upon the perfect goodness and death of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thus, the gospel frees us up to honestly face our sin, knowing that because of Christ’s death, God no longer counts that sin against us (see Romans 4:7-8).

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