A Sense of Urgency in Our Ministry to Children and Youth

While preparing a seminar on presenting the Gospel to children, I was re-reading William Farley's book, God-Powered Parenting: How the Gospel Shapes and Transforms Parenting. This quote really hit home as I think about the priorities we set and the time given to them in both our homes and classrooms.
Not only does the gospel convince us that sin is the problem, it also imparts to us a sense of urgency. The cross proclaims God's infinite passion for justice. It reminds us that someday our children will get perfect justice. There will be no exceptions. That means that our children enter the world in trouble, and that is why Jesus took their place on the cross. He died to satisfy the demands of God's perfect justice in their place. The implication is clear. Either our children will satisfy God's justice by suffering something akin to crucifixion in hell for eternity (that is what our sins deserve), or they will believe and let Jesus satisfy God's justice in their place. One of these fates awaits each of our children. Parents who believe this feel a tremendous sense of urgency. The stakes are high.

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