A More Powerful Circuit

ID-10063156 A while back I read an article about embracing the use of technology in the preschool classroom at church. One idea related to the frightened, clingy child who doesn’t want to leave his parent and go into the classroom on Sunday morning. The high-tech solution for the teacher? Try pulling out your tablet (or smartphone) and show the preschooler a Bible-related app in order to woo the reluctant child away from the parents and into the classroom. Presto, the power of microcircuits to the rescue! Well, I think I prefer the method that Mrs. Kanowitz used on my almost 2-year-old granddaughter last week. In a sense, it was high-tech, but the “circuitry” involved was much more powerful. Here is what happened:

As little Elizabeth was taken down the hallway toward her classroom, she did her “Take me home!” cry as she clung to daddy. At her room, after check-in, she wept and wailed some more as she was gently handed over to Mrs. Kanowitz, the nursery team leader. But Mrs. Kanowitz didn’t pull out a tablet or smartphone. Instead, she held Elizabeth in her arms and bowed her head and began, “Dear Jesus, I pray that…,” and then Elizabeth went into the classroom—and stayed the entire time. It was well with her soul.

Yes, there may be a place for technology in the preschool classroom. But Mrs. Kanowitz’ prayer on Elizabeth’s behalf did much more than any high-tech gadget could do. Prayer doesn’t simply distract a clingy, frightened preschooler. Rather, it calls on the almighty, sovereign, loving Creator of the universe to impact the very heart of that child.

(Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.)

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