A Dad's Legacy of Blessing and Prayer

A Dad's Legacy of Blessing and Prayer

My children have many wonderful and notable memories with their dad. My husband was actively involved in their lives in so many different ways. But one particular memory stands out as unique and life-giving to both dad and children—the nightly blessing and prayer time. Every night, my husband said a blessing over our children and prayed with and for them. By the time our children reached adulthood, they had received more than 5,000 blessings from their father. 

A beautiful, lasting legacy! Now our son is continuing this spiritual legacy with his own son. One of the gifts we gave our son to celebrate the birth of his son was  A Father’s Guide to Blessing His Children by Pastor David Michael. It is the same resource my husband used for our children for all those formative years of their childhood and youth. So dads, and those who want to bless them, consider purchasing this inexpensive but valuable tool for encouraging both fathers and children. Here is a brief description of the resource:

This resource has been prepared with the hope that pronounced blessings will become as common in the Christian home as they are at the end of many church services. As a father of two daughters and the Pastor of Next Generations at College Park Church in Indianapolis, David Michael is convinced that pronouncing blessings upon our children is a powerful way to plead for God's grace upon them and to give them a vision for what we hope they will become. Each blessing in the booklet is based upon a biblical text and flows from a father's heart for his daughters and a pastor's heart for the children in his church. 

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