Your FAQs and Our Answers

ID-100302907 Did you know that we have a “Frequently Asked Questions” link on our website? It is found here and provides answers to common questions in the following categories:

  • electronic resources
  • curriculum
  • policies
  • translating resources

For example, here are commonly asked questions:

Q: How long does it take for a teacher to prepare to teach this curriculum?

Q: How much time is required to teach the lesson in a Sunday school class?

Q: How are the student materials used?

Q: How can I use these curricula in a home or Christian school setting?

Q: Do you have a missions curriculum?

Q: Why do the number of lessons in the curriculum vary?

Q: What is distinctive about the midweek curricula?

Click on each, and you’ll find an answer. What if that answer doesn’t fully address your question or concern? Or, what if your question isn’t one of our FAQ? Give us a call. Our customer service ladies will be happy to talk with you! Who knows, it might be that your question will become the next FAQ to add to our list.

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