Why I Bought The Fighter Verses Coloring Book

This fall was a big transition for our 4-year-old grandson. Because our church strongly encourages families to be together in corporate worship, childcare during the worship service ends at age 4. My husband and I, and David’s parents gladly affirm and embrace this policy established by our pastor and elders! So now David is with Daddy and Mommy during the entire service. However, getting used to sitting quietly is not the easiest discipline to master for an active little boy. Help! Help is on the way…That is why I have already put in my order for The Fighter Verses Coloring Book, a brand new resource offered by Children Desiring God. Although David isn’t a reader yet, he can still benefit from this resource. It will be his “special sermon time book.” For example, before the worship service, Daddy and Mommy can read the memory verse on the page, talk about it, explain the picture, and then allow David to quietly color the picture during the sermon. Do you know of a young child who is learning to sit still during the sermon? Consider giving him or her The Fighter Verses Coloring Book.  

About The Fighter Verses Coloring Book

The Coloring Book is part of Set One of The Fighter Verses Study, a year-long devotional for families, small groups and individuals. It features illustrations of 52 verses as well as a key truth statement will each verse that will equip your children to fight the fight of faith. These original illustrations include a blend of powerful Bible stories brought to life; children in real-life, modern-day moments; and beautiful nature scenes. If you are using The Fighter Verses Study, the Coloring Book is a great resource to help younger children engage during a family or group discussion of the study. The coloring book can be used alongside The Fighter Verses Study, by children memorizing Fighter Verses, or by itself as an encouraging, Bible-based coloring resource for children. It is available in print and electronic formats. Learn more about Study Sample.

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