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A Sure Foundation Nursery Curriculum

So this is what the Sovereign LORD says: “see, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who trusts will never be dismayed.”—Isaiah 28:16

Nurturing the faith of the next generations begins with the youngest in your church. The A Sure Foundation curriculum will help you develop a ministry steeped in prayer and overflowing with foundational Bible stories, truth statements about God and Scripture memory. We have refreshed and expanded this curriculum to equip you and your teachers to minister to children through the infant and toddler years.

The expanded A Sure Foundation now includes four parts:

  1. The Fragrance of the Knowledge of Christ establishes the philosophy of ministering in infant nurseries and creates on environment centered on prayer for each baby.
  2. Young toddlers, 18-24 months, are taught four repeating Bible stories and monthly memory verses along with truth statements about God’s character in The Wonders He Has Done.
  3. The Older Toddler Volume 1 Teacher’s Guide, His Praiseworthy Deeds, reviews the four stories already learned, teaches 24- to 36-month-old toddlers nine more foundational stories and completes the monthly memory verses.
  4. For toddlers 36 months and up who have not graduated to a preschool class, the NEW Older Toddler Volume 2 Teacher’s Guide, Set Their Hope in God, introduces 16 additional Bible stories with accompanying memory verses for each lesson.

Discover What Is Refreshed and Expanded!

SF_OlderToddlerVol2TeachersGuide_1New Lessons

Set Their Hope in God is a brand new volume for older toddlers with 16 additional lessons that go more in depth on several key Bible stories and introduce toddlers to new lessons. Additional activities such as finger plays, customized songs, games and actions are included to emphasize key themes. If you do not have separate older toddler classrooms, these new lessons can be used in a midweek setting or in a cycle with the Volume 1 lessons on Sunday mornings.

Refreshed Lesson Format

Teacher’s Guides have been reformatted to better aid teachers with prompts for visuals and actions clearly marked in each lesson. Coloring pages and Growing in Faith Together: Parent and Child Resource pages have also received a fresh look

A Sure Foundation Curriculum - Resource PacketRedesigned Resources

The Resource Pack has an all new look and some additional features for your classrooms. The packet includes 17 prayer signs and matching prayer cards to teach caregivers how to pray through Scripture and specific topics for each infant or toddler in their care. It also includes color-coded signs for all 28 memory verses along with coordinating designs for you to create flash cards and magnets to be used in class or sent home with families. Each verse has a simple illustration to help children identify and remember the verse.

SF_TruthPosters_1New Truth Statement Posters

These 12 posters each feature a simple Bible truth such as we need God, God is strong, God is good, we love Jesus and Jesus is my friend. These truths are built into lessons and can be reinforced by caregivers in all nurseries and toddler classrooms through casual conversation. The posters have been redesigned with new, original illustrations that will capture children’s attention and show God’s glory.

Learn more about the lesson themes in the Scope & Sequence.

See the refreshed and expanded lessons and resources in the Curriculum Sample.

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If you own the original version of A Sure Foundation, please contact our customer service team at 877.400.1414 or to discuss options for completing your curriculum or transitioning to the refreshed material. You may also give us a call if you want to chat about how to implement our curriculum in your church setting, are not sure what you need to order or if you just want to say hi!

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