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Children Desiring God Blog // New from CDG: Growing in Faith Together App UPDATE: The Growing in Faith Together App is now available for both iPhone and Android. Learn more about the updated app. Children Desiring God Blog {{media url=    
  Children Desiring God is excited to announce the launch of the Growing in Faith Together App for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini. The partnership between churches and parents is one of the key elements of a purposeful children's ministry. Each of our revised, elementary Sunday School curricula feature Growing in Faith Together: Parent and Child Resource Pages (GIFT Pages) to help parents interact with their children about spiritual truths taught in Sunday School. These GIFT Pages provide parents a summary of what children are taught in class, discussion questions to help lead children to a heart response and an activity suggestion to reinforce the lesson themes or memory verse. As you diligently interact with your child about these truths in daily life, you may see your child grow in spiritual understanding and faith. In the past, GIFT Pages (or take-home pages) were only available in the Classroom Kit to print for or email to parents. Now, with the revised curriculum project, GIFT Pages are also available in a bound booklet and the brand new GIFT App! The GIFT App is a great tool for weekly discussions at home or on the go and keeping your children caught up if they are sick or traveling and miss Sunday School. GIFT Pages can also be used as a discipleship or devotional tool for parents even if their children are not currently studying a Children Desiring God curriculum.

Growing in Faith Together App Features

Lesson Overview

GIFT Pages start by providing the Main Ideas of the lesson, a Memory Verse for the week, Scripture the lesson is based on, a Summary of the lesson and Prayer Points. These resources help parents know what was taught in Sunday School and review the themes with their children. Children Desiring God Blog // New from CDG: Growing in Faith Together App

Discussion and Action

The As You Walk by the Way section provides discussion questions to help you  interact with your child about the truths learned in class and study them at a deeper level. The Action Step challenges children to act on the truths they learned in the lesson. Children Desiring God Blog // New from CDG: Growing in Faith Together App

Curriculum Specific Activities

Each curriculum features a special activity for children to do or for families to do together. Activities include Scripture memory, journaling suggestions, real-life stories and more. Finally, the interactive Share Ideas and Get Ideas function allows parents to submit their ideas and suggestions related to the lesson with other parents. Children Desiring God Blog // New from CDG: Growing in Faith Together App   GIFT Pages on the app are now available for the revised versions of My Purpose Will Stand and Jesus, What a Savior!. Additional curriculum titles will be added as the curriculum is revised. The Growing in Faith Together App is available for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini through iTunes. Once the free viewer is downloaded, you will be able to view samples of the GIFT Pages that are available for an in-app purchase of $1.99 per study.
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