Family Discipleship Gift Guide

Family Discipleship Gift Guide

After a long and challenging year, we are eagerly yearning to celebrate the “good news of great joy”—the birth of Christ our Savior—and the many longstanding family traditions that accompany it. Gift-giving (especially in a child’s mind!) is one of those traditions. But over the years, our gift list for our grandchildren is being shaped not so much by what they want (new toys, crafts, and games) but also by what they really need. What kind of gifts might serve to nourish their souls for a lifetime? What gifts might help them to better see the incomparable treasure of Jesus? What gifts can assist their parents in discipling them?

Toward that end, Truth78 is pleased to offer this special family discipleship gift guide highlighting resources that parents and children can enjoy together. The resources target various age groups and include a range of ease of use—from extremely simple read aloud stories to more formal Bible instruction. From simple parenting tools to deeper discipleship training.  

So before you fill up your gift-giving list with an endless array of temporal pleasures for children, be sure to include some God-centered, Christ-exalting, Bible-saturated, discipleship-oriented resources at the top of the list. Helping children discover the riches of God’s Word is a gift that will truly keep on giving for a lifetime as they find in it the source of unshakable, all-satisfying, never-ending joy!

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  • More Than a Story
    A new kind of Bible resource for children, More Than a Story takes children on a chronological journey through the Bible with a God-centered, gospel-focused, discipleship-oriented, theologically grounded perspective.


  • Good News of Great Joy
    Good News of Great Joy products are simple Advent resources to help your family stop and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, marvel at the providential events surrounding the birth of Jesus, and give thanks for God's provision of the One who has given us "the right to become children of God."
  • Jesus Is Most Special
    In Jesus Is Most Special, Sally Michael helps parents to share the story of the birth of Jesus with their children and goes a step further by placing the Christmas story in the larger context of the Bible, including what comes before and after.


  • Glorious God, Glorious Gospel
    The Glorious God, Glorious Gospel devotional includes 15 lessons for family discipleship designed to ground children in the essential and glorious truths of the gospel.
  • Lord, Teach Us to Pray Family Devotional Guide
    The Lord's Prayer has much to teach us about our great and glorious God as well as about prayer. Lord, Teach Us To Pray is a newly revised intergenerational curriculum that instructs young and old to approach God in prayer with a heart of submission to God’s desires and a trust in His good and right answers. Through prayer, you will learn to know your Heavenly Father better and enjoy fellowship with Him.
  • The Righteous Shall Live by Faith Devotional Guide
    The Ten Commandments are the foundations of God’s moral law and have much to teach us about our great and glorious God, reflecting His perfections and His heart for His people. This 13-week family devotional guide provides six days of devotional ideas per week, plus ideas for a weekly Family Night Activity.
  • Making HIM Known Books
    A series of books to teach children about God's worth and character.
  • Your Promise Gives Me Life
    This book has been written to encourage your family to study God’s promises, memorize them, store them in your soul, run to them in time of need, pray them, and trust them when the winds of adversity blow. They will breathe new life into your soul.
  • God's Glorious Names cards
    This is a unique devotional resource consisting of 4” x 6” cards printed on cardstock. Each of the 44 cards has a name of God and an appropriate illustration or picture on the display side. The reverse side has a short devotional noting the name and its meaning, a pertinent Bible verse, and a short explanation of God’s character reflected by His name. Use the cards for personal or family devotions, a prayer prompt, and a display piece reminding you of God’s glorious character as reflected by His names.


  • Family Discipleship Collection
    How can you dedicate children to the Lord? How do you share the gospel with children in an age-appropriate way? How can you know if your child is truly a Christian? How can you effectively pray for the next generation? The books in the Family Discipleship Collection can help you at every stage of a child's discipleship from birth, to baptism, and beyond. 


  • When I Am Afraid
    This children's book provides parents with an opportunity to show their children the wonderful promises of God and encourage them to look to God when they are fearful
  • The Very Bad News and the Very Good News
    This simple gospel presentation uses the themes of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration to help young children (ages 4-7) understand and be able to explain to others the good news of the gospel.
  • World Created, Fallen, Redeemed, and Restored
    The World Created, Fallen, Redeemed, and Restored
     has been written so that children might know and embrace these life-transforming truths of the gospel. Through the use of key Scriptures and child-friendly, compelling narrative, children will encounter the greatest realities in all the universe—and in their own lives.


  • Church Notebooks
    As children observe and join believers in worship, they learn to concentrate on God and see His greatness. Each church notebook or journal can help children to participate in the service.


  • Fighter Verses Pack and Fighter Verses Bible Memory Cards
    The Fighter Verses™ compilation of 260 passages provides the encouragement we need for fixing our hearts on the character and worth of our great God; battling the desires of our flesh; and rejoicing in the work of Christ in the gospel.
  • Fighter Verses Set 3 JournalUse the Fighter Verses journal to see the verses you’re memorizing more clearly
    Fighter Verses journals are the perfect place for capturing your thoughts. This 115-page journal—printed on smooth, white, lightly-lined paper—includes two pages for each of the 52 passages in Set 3 of the Fighter Verses
  • Foundation Verses Pack ESV | NIV
    Strategically chosen Bible verses for children 2-5 years old. The pack includes 76 short passages with image prompts to help non-readers remember the passage. Revised Foundation Verses and Coloring Book 
  • Fighter Verses Songs
    A tool to aid Scripture memorization of the Fighter Verses passages.


  • Growing in the Word
    Encourage children to know and love God’s Word. Teach the next generation to read and study the Bible, pray for understanding and a right heart, and apply what they learn to their daily lives.


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