39 Questions and the Whole Counsel of God

ID-10054890 One of our goals at Children Desiring God is to faithfully present our children and students with the whole counsel of God. One way to assess how we are doing in regard to this is to look at our teaching scope and sequence from preschool to high school and ask if our students would be able to answer the following 39 questions by the time they reach adulthood:
  • What is the nature of Scripture: its authority, clarity, necessity, and sufficiency?
  • How do we know that God exists?
  • Can you name and define 12 attributes of God?
  • What is the Trinity? What is its significance?
  • What is the chief end of God?
  • Why and how did God create the world?
  • What is meant by God’s providence?
  • What are angels, demons, and Satan?
  • Why did God create man in His image and likeness?
  • What is the significance of God creating us as male and female?
  • What is the chief end man?
  • What is the essence and consequence of sin?
  • What are the Old Testament covenants?
  • What was the covenant God made with Abraham, and how is it fulfilled in Christ?
  • What are the 10 Commandments?
  • Why did God give Israel the law? How was the law fulfilled in Christ?
  • What was the purpose of the Old Testament temple, priests, and sacrifices? How were these completed in Christ?
  • What was the covenant God made with David? How is it fulfilled in Christ?
  • Can you name eight Old Testament prophets? What was their primary role?
  • Why did Jesus, who is fully God, become fully man when He came into the world?
  • What is meant by the kingdom of God?
  • What did Jesus accomplish when He died on the cross?
  • What is the evidence and significance of Jesus’ resurrection?
  • What is the new covenant?
  • What are the essential truths of the Gospel?
  • What are the elements of salvation?
  • What must you do to be saved?
  • Why did God send the Holy Spirit?
  • What is the relationship between justification and sanctification?
  • What is prayer?
  • What is the church—its nature, governance, and mission?
  • What are the two sacraments (or ordinances)?
  • What is meant by the “priesthood” of believers?
  • How is marriage a picture of Christ and the Church?
  • What is the second coming of Christ? What will Christ do?
  • What are the new heavens and new earth?
  • Can you describe the main message of the Bible in one sentence?
  • Can you place key biblical events/people in chronological order?
  • What tools or skills are necessary to rightly read, interpret, and apply the Bible?
For more information on this topic you can also print out this handout from my seminar Teaching Children the Whole Counsel of God." (Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.)
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