Connecting Children to Their History

Some words for parents and teachers to carefully ponder from Tedd and Margy Tripp,
The Scripture teaches us much about the world we live in....Scripture is history that tells us about ourselves. This revelation isn't just about distant physical and spiritual relatives—it's about each of us by name. Let that truth wash over you with all its implications and power. Bathe our children in that truth. Otherwise, the Bible's prophecies, provisions, promises, and pronouncements will not motivate our speech and behavior. And our children will treat the Bible like a news story. Here's what I mean. We may feel enthused by some act of heroism on the evening news and even remark how great it is to hear that occasional acts of valor still break into this bleak world. But think of the family loyalty inspired by personal attachment to the hero, and the pride and emulation it would engender... We must show our children the vital connection between the powerful story of redemption in the Scriptures and their daily experience. The instruction we give them will only make sense in the context of the story of the Scriptures that tells them who they are and about the God who made them and offers them redemption.

(Instructing a Child's Heart. copyright©2008, pages 25-26.)

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