Choices Facing the Next Generation: Wisdom or Foolishness?


Choices Facing the Next Generation: Wisdom or Foolishness?

Practical help for leading children on the path of wisdom


Every day, children are faced with wise and foolish choices. How will they distinguish between the two? What will prompt them to choose one or the other? The sad reality of this fallen world is that foolishness is often portrayed as good and right, readily appealing to the sinful and undiscerning heart, posing danger to the soul.

So how can we teach our children to see, choose, and treasure true wisdom, namely, God’s wisdom? How can we guide them to enter the life-giving path of wisdom through faith in Jesus?

How can we joyfully motivate them to live wisely? What kinds of biblical correction and encouragement can we offer as they face various circumstances? Please join us for this webinar as we seek to address these questions with biblical clarity and practical advice.


Sally Michael—Truth78 Author and Director of Publishing and Training
Sally is a co-founder of Truth78 and has authored curricula and books that are all marked by a passion for developing God-centered resources for the spiritual development of children. For 16 years, Sally served as minister for children at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, under the leadership of John Piper and her husband, David.

Jacob Hatfield—Lead Pastor of Grace Bible Church in Monticello, MN 
Jacob studied Pastoral Ministry at Reformed Baptist Seminary and has enjoyed many years as a worship leader, pastor, and teacher. He and his wife are discipling four sons. His desire is to make the gospel accessible to everyone through faithful preaching and faithful living.

We'll also include details about the newly revised The Way of the Wise midweek curriculum and Wisdom Quest, a new Vacation Bible School/Backyard Bible School curriculum. Webinar participants can get a special discount on these and other resources for teaching wisdom to children.

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